The municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar is the Portuguese member of the European Federation of Saint James Way.

Vila Pouca represents at the 35 municipalities and entities that have in turn constituted the Portuguese Federation of the Camino de Santiago in Portugal.


The Roads through Portugal

One of the most ancient and best documented pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela, in Portuguese territory, is the Camino Portugués Interior de Santiago, which extends from Viseu to Chaves, ending in Verim, on the well-known Via da Prata.

The Portuguese Way of Santiago through the Interior is the result of joint efforts in the other municipalities that it crosses, and it differs from other pilgrimage routes under the rigor of the recognition and marked criteria of the path, the associated patrimonial, iconographic and toponymic wealth to Santiago y al Camino, the natural and rural environment and its double use to wander both Santiago and Fátima.





The Portuguese Way of Santiago through the countryside extends over 205 kilometers in Portuguese territory and through the municipalities of Viseu, Castro Daire, Lamego, Peso de Régua, Santa María de Penaguião, Vila Real, Vila Pouca de Aguiar y Chaves. Cross the border of Vilarelho da Raia, traveling 180 km along the Vía de la Plata (Sevilla-Santiago), in Spanish territory, up to Santiago de Compostela.


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